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One of the most successful ways to make you gain Instagram followers quickly is to write a caption which includes relevant hashtags in every image you post, this has to be done religiously as is going to be your most important step to gain popularity with the crowd.

Being able to know how to create and when to use a hashtag is an essential ability for the growth of your Instagram followers count, for some 12 year old kids this comes as a second nature, but for us regular hard working people that still believe that # means number here is a list of easy guidelines that will lead us through the process.

Use Keywords

The use of keywords is much obliged since it will certainly mean an increment in the view count of your post, and using this is crucial when planning on getting more Instagram followers.

Do Not Overload Your Posts with Hashtags

When people search hashtags on Instagram, one of these is going to be the link between you and them, so make sure to only post hashtags which are related to the image in the same post and never overload a post with hashtags, it #hurts #my #brain #whenever I #see a #post with #20+ #hashtags #that #do #not #even #make #sense. Case in point. Instagram followers will not find that as a good example of making use of your hashtags, therefore they will dismiss it as a non-important or a spam post and be onto the next post of someone else.

Instead. Try posting something along this lines ‘’ I love how our product represents many nationalities and helps to spread the #Love around the world #International #NameOfYourProduct #YourBrand ‘’.

Always Make Sense

Think of what makes sense to be on the same post as the image below.

When you see this image of a dog with an orange hat and some sunglasses, which word comes to mind? #Technology? #Snakes? Of course not, the immediate word that comes to mind, at least for 99% of people that word is #Cute or #Funny, so go along with this line of thinking for another maximum 5 or 7 hashtags, you don’t want to tag too many of them, we would be overloading the post and it wouldn’t be as easy on the eyes.

Never Use Hashtags You Don’t Need

Get it out of your mind right now, using hashtags that have nothing to do with the post will piss off your Instagram followers, following the idea of the first guideline, this will not be easy on the eyes, it will just be an obnoxious post that actually instead of just getting you nowhere will set you back and you will only begin to get new Instagram spam accounts to follow you, you don’t want that, the whole goal of applying this guidelines is to avoid at all costs getting this no good accounts to follow you, think of it as negative numbers, what you need is real Instagram followers, real people with real choice to click on your hashtags, end up in your post and see for themselves the value of your product and engage in real conversations with other Instagram followers.

What this does is start creating a wave of positive action-reaction on your Instagram account, thus creating traffic, therefore creating potential customers, all thanks to your careful management of this account.

Use Your Brain

Now all that is left for you to do is putting it to the test. Using all these guidelines sit and think about the proper keywords that will link your product with the people in order to make the Instagram followers count rise.

In order to achieve this, you may start creating a list of all the hashtags you may deem useful and once you have them all lined up start ruling them out one by one asking yourself if it meets the requirements you need pass it on to a second list which is your ‘’ready to use’’ list.

Now you have a list which is ready to use, it should contain keywords that describe your product or business, taking aside the niche of your business, they shouldn’t be vague words, they should be keywords which you know are going to trace back to your Instagram account, think of it like that and you will be much more successful in creating new Instagram followers.

Take Advantage

Now that you know how to create hashtags in order to get Instagram followers, use it to your advantage.

Creating a post with well-thought hashtags is one thing, but how about if you could use them in order to steal some Instagram followers from your competitors? Yes, steal them. In order to do that you will have to take a much more active approach.

Instead of only think about hashtags that are suitable for your product or business and hoping to get one million followers overnight, take the active approach and go search for the most used hashtags in your niche, take note of them and create scenarios where you can actually use them, meaning if something like #running works for you, create a scenario where your product is being used while running, but keep in mind that it should seem to be a natural act, something that should be done within the context of your product, this way you will get attention from the same sources as your competition and be able to steal away many Instagram followers.

An example of this can be Apple watch, which can be used in a photo where the person is running and checking his/her watch, because as I said, it’s a natural action you would actually do in real life, otherwise it’s no good, for example, if the product you are selling is food and instead of targeting the making of the product, taste, texture or customer satisfaction of such, you go and take a picture of your product in the sunset and add the hashtag #sunset post it and be done with it, this is a no go, you will not only fail in stealing your competition Instagram followers , you’ll only get negative attention this way.

In concrete, figure out what’s the best description for your product or business, create keywords that follow these guidelines, post an image on Instagram, add them as hashtags and watch how your Instagram followers begin to rise.